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About MagLube Lubricant Manufacturers

With more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, MagLube of Cumming, Georgia has recognized the fact that there is no off-the-shelf approach to solving the numerous and varied lubricant problems in the manufacturing process. While many still believe that the answer is with the old technique of flooding parts with coolants or oils, the fact remains that this concept has its own problems such as wet parts, maintenance, and disposal. We also recognize that with the concept of micro-lubrication, utilizing organic lubricants in place of flood oils, can have its own set of problems.

Minimizing Problems

These problems can range from incorrectly configured equipment, selection of improper lubricant, and faulty installation of industrial lubrication systems needed to meet the needs of the specific process. We can help you select the correct MQL system and lubricant for your process to increase production, increase tool life, and decrease the amounts of disposable waste.

Design and Installation

Here at MagLube, we can design and install the correct industrial lubrication systems for each and every process within the manufacturing arena and in your shop. Our lubricant manufacturers’ experience ranges from high-production CNC equipment to the smallest, most precise manual equipment.


Our MQL system is designed and retro-fitted to function flawlessly and transparently on your machines while utilizing the latest technology in pneumatics, injectors, PC logic controllers, and nozzle design. Each application determines the configuration of our systems to not only enhance your process, but to also use the least amount of lubricant per cycle of each machine. Our products are designed to eliminate secondary operations such as parts-washing and cleaning.

Specialized Products

As quality lubricant manufacturers, each of our lubricants are specific blends of organic oils with the combination of anti-wear and extreme pressure additives that reduce friction and dramatically extend cutting-tool life. With performance surpassing similar products on the market, our blending capabilities consistently provide the correct formula for every application.


Let’s touch base to talk about your applications and the possibilities of your firm becoming a partner with a company that is tuned in with the day-to-day problems that are inherent to manufacturing. By uniquely understanding chemicals and possessing the ability to help you solve problems, we can save you time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is MagLube?
A: MagLube is a turn-key systems approach to eliminate the need for flood coolants and hazardous chemicals in the manufacturing process. The MagLube lubricants are derived from seed oil components that are safe for the environment and very effective for the use on all materials. MagLube applicators are precision delivery systems for lubricants designed for each application.

Q: How will MagLube help me?
A: MagLube is designed to use a very small amount of lubricant applied precisely to the exact location at the right time. Each application is different and our engineers will assist in developing the correct configuration for the application. Our goal is to increase tool life and eliminate the need for flood coolants.

Q: How can I clean my parts after using MagLube?
A: All of the MagLube lubricants can be cleaned off by using warm water and detergent. Just remember to be careful and frugal with your spillage.

Q: If I use MagLube in conjunction with my coolant system, will it mix with my coolant system?
A: MagLube is used in such small amounts that there is no possibility the coolant will be affected.

Q: Is MagLube expensive?
A: MagLube should be the least expensive product used in any manufacturing environment. By using MagLube correctly, it should be easy to cost justify in a very short period of time.


Click the link above to read about how MagLube’s process helped Linn Products Inc. and AACOA reduce lubricant usage, increase tool life and improve their manufacturing process.


My name is Scott and I own a sign company in Atlanta, Georgia. I was introduced to MagLube about 2 years ago from friend who runs a machine shop. We were previously using a misting system that went through several gallons of cutting fluid per week. It was messy, and clouded up the shop with its over-spray. I was immediately impressed with the MagLube system during the first trial run, but didn’t realize the savings potential until a few weeks later. We now use 1 gallon of lubricant every 6 months, and my cost for replacement bits have decreased by over 50%. I also had a full-time employee whose entire job was to sand the burrs off the edges of aluminum lettering. With this system, the surface finishes are much better and that position is no longer necessary. The long-term savings with this product is tremendous!


I run a steel service center in Dallas, Texas. We switched from flood coolant based cutting to micro-lubrication (MagLube) about 6 years ago. The immediate result was a clean shop, we no longer had to mop and clean the floors on a daily basis. The air no longer smelled of recycled flood coolant. This made the operators happy and gave them a safer environment in which to work. My blade life was extended by 30-40%, and my cutting fluid expense was cut dramatically. The cuts are straighter and clean, and productivity is better due to increased feed rates. I whole-heartedly endorse this product.

Liakos Industrial Sales – Distributor

In my 25 years of selling industrial equipment, I’ve never sold a product that is so revolutionary. MagLube literally changes, for the better, the way manufacturers do lubrication. I like the fact that the lubricants are environmentally friendly. My customers like the fact that the micro-lubrication systems are virtually maintenance free. They also like the fact that usage is cut back to a mere fraction of conventional lubricants, tool life is almost always close to doubling, and the mess associated with most other lubricants and lubrication methods is eliminated.

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