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MagLube Frequently Asked Questions

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Have a lubricant-related question? We have the answer! Check out our FAQs below to learn more about our company and services.

What is MagLube?

MagLube is a turn-key system approach to eliminate the need for flood coolants and hazardous chemicals in the manufacturing process. The MagLube lubricants are derived from seed oil components that are safe for the environment and very effective for use on all materials. MagLube applicators are precision delivery systems for lubricants designed for each application.

To learn more about our metalworking lubrication systems and fluid, contact us today.

How can I clean my parts after using MagLube?

All of the MagLube lubricants can be cleaned off by using warm water and detergent. Just remember to be careful when cleaning industrial lubrication systems and be frugal with your spillage.

Is MagLube expensive?

CNC lubricants are essential to your process, but MagLube should be the least expensive product used in any manufacturing environment. By using MagLube correctly, it should be an easy cost to justify in a very short period of time.

How will MagLube help me?

MagLube is designed to be applied precisely, using a very small amount of lubricant in an exact location at the right time. Each application is different and our engineers will assist in developing the correct configuration for your needs.

Our goal is to increase tool life and eliminate the need for flood coolants in metal stamping lubricating systems and similar equipment.

If I use MagLube in conjunction with my coolant system, will it mix with my coolant system?

MagLube is used in such small amounts that there is no possibility that the coolant will be affected. You can learn more about CNC machine lubrication systems and oils by contacting us.