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MagLube’s Industrial Micro Lubrication Applications

MagLube custom designs and retro-fits MQL systems for many different manufacturing applications. Learn more below about MagLube’s custom micro-lubrication for CNC routers, CNC milling, band saws, circular saws, CNC & manual lathes and turning centers, metal stamping & punch presses, and roll formers.

Implementing MQL on a milling machine is now easier and more affordable. From single spindle tool room mills to multi-spindle gantry mills, MagLube can design, build and retrofit the correct MQL system to any milling machine. The Maglube Halo Nozzle is designed to offer the perfect solution for all types of spindle lubrication...

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CNC Milling Machines

The MagLube MQL system is perfect for use on routers that machine aluminum and other types of metals. The MagLube system requires a designated air-line (80-120 psi) and can be activated by the operator with a manual slide valve or with an electric solenoid/air pilot upon request. When using the MagLube system, operators...

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CNC Routers

The MagLube Bandsaw MQL system is designed to apply a thin film of high-grade lubricant to both sides of the blade while cutting all types of materials. This process will keep the blade running at room temperature throughout the cut, allowing for faster feed rates and dry chips that are easily removed. With no heat...

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Band Saw

The MagLube Circular Saw MQL system combined with our circular saw nozzle is designed to apply a small amount of high-grade lubricant into the gullet of the blade where the chip is formed. It will also lubricate both sides of the blade to prevent buildup from rubbing. The MagLube lubricant will enhance chip...

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Circular Saw

MagLube industrial lubrication systems are perfect for use on stamping and punching of all materials. The total elimination of water-based coolant is now possible. Lubrication can be applied to the top & bottom of coil fed presses, or nozzles can be mounted in the die for parts loaded manually. Applying MagLube’s...

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Stamping - Punch Press

By using MagLube’s minimum quantity lubrication through the coolant path of any turret lathe, it is possible to completely eliminate coolant flooding. By attaching the MagLube solenoid to the coolant pump connection, the MO8-MO9 function operates the MagLube applicator. Then, the air/lubricant line is attached to the coolant...

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CNC Turning Centers

The MagLube system is designed to apply a thin film of lubricant equally to both sides of the coil stock prior to entering the machine. This process will keep the forming wheels free from build-up from materials such as galvanized aluminum, cold rolled steel and painted material. Use of our organic lubricants will eliminate...

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Roll Formers