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Typical Applications of MagLube Industrial Lubrication Systems

CNC and Manual Milling Machines

MagLube industrial lubrication systems coupled with our lubricants will not only improve your tool life, but also the surface finish by evacuating the dry chips from the tool path. Since our lubricant is thinner than water soluble coolant, closer tolerances and repeatability are consistently maintained. The added benefits include little or no cleanup and the elimination of parts washing. The operators will also benefit from reduced fogging and misting of coolant in the air.

cnc milling machines
manual milling machines
cnc and manual milling machines

Band Saws

The MagLube MQL system is designed to apply a thin film of lubricant to both sides of the blade while cutting all types of materials. This process will keep the blade running at room temperature throughout the cut, allowing for faster feed rates and dry chips. With no heat and equal lubrication, straighter cuts and better surface finishes will be achieved. The band saw lubricant is totally consumed in the cut with little or no residue left on the part. Blade life increases of 3-10 times is commonly achieved.

bandsaw micro lubrication
bandsaw lubrication system mql
bandsaw lubricant application by maglube


The MagLube minimum quantity lubrication system is perfect for use on routers that machine aluminum and wood products. A toggle switch is installed on this system to turn off the pumps and only allow air through when cutting acrylic or PVC. Routers without proper lubrication will build up around the bit, ultimately effecting tool life and surface finishes. These applicators use 1-2 ounces of lubricant per 8 hours of use and will cause no fog or misting in the air.

mql system routers maglube
micro lubricating routers
router industrial lubrication installation

Circular Saws

The MagLube circular saw system combined with our circular saw nozzle is designed to apply a microscopic amount of lubricant to the gullet of the blade, where the chip is formed, as well as lubricating both sides of the blade to prevent buildup from rubbing. The lubricant will enhance chip evacuation from the blade, lending itself to better surface finishes and cooler running blades with less amperage draw from the motor.

circular saw lubricant application
circular saw lubrication system
circular saw mql systems maglube

Roll Formers

The MagLube system is designed to apply a thin film of lubricant equally to both sides of the coil stock prior to entering the machine. This process will keep the forming wheels free from build-up from materials such as galvanized aluminum, cold rolled steel and painted material. Use of our organic lubricants will eliminate the need to run with water and oil. There is virtually no mess or cleanup required on most materials. With a microscopic film of lubricant applied to the coil stock, the forming wheels will run clean with no scratches on the material.

roll formers maglube lubrication system mql
mql system roll formers industrial micro lubrication
roll former maglube

Stamping & Punch Presses

MagLube industrial lubrication systems are perfect for use on stamping of all materials. The total elimination of water-based coolants is now possible. Applying a thin layer of MagLube lubricant to the coil or plate stock prior to entering the press will automatically transfer to the punches and dies, eliminating galling and buildup on the tooling.

Metal stampers now have an organic alternative to conventional stamping fluids. MagLube is formulated with no hazardous chemical of any kind. When used with the MagLube applicators, stamping applications have reduced their fluid usage from gallons per shift to a few ounces of MagLube lubricant, maintaining consistent part quality.

punch press stamping micro lubrication fluids
maglube mql system for punch press
mql system lubricant stamping and punch presses

CNC and Manual Turning Centers

By using MagLube’s minimum quantity lubrication through the coolant path of any turret lathe, it is possible to completely eliminate coolant flooding. By attaching the MagLube solenoid to the coolant pump connection, the MO8-MO9 function operates the MagLube applicator. Then, the air/lubricant line is attached to the coolant hose that feeds the turret. The MagLube applicator is completely automatic and the air/oil is mixed within the coolant path and a high pressure stream of air/oil is deposited on or through the tooling. This allows for dry chips and enhanced tool life for any machining. With dry chips, it is easy to direct them into the conveyor for evacuation with a simple air blast.

cnc and manual turning centers minimum quantity lubrication