For decades, industrial manufacturers have used flood coolants to help lubricate machines and tools while machining and metal working. The heat produced during the metal on metal cutting process can reach temperatures high enough to degrade or even destroy the cutting piece and the tools used during that machining process. So, using flood coolants to reduce this heat has been the most common method used for some time. While it does provide some heat reduction by quenching, it has many downsides.

A less common method of industrial lubrication that provides an alternative to the ecologically unfriendly coolant flooding method is known as micro lubrication… or minimum quantity lubrication. This method uses a fraction of the lubricant needed in flood cooling. Additionally, it provides far superior friction reducing results. It’s also extremely effective in eliminating much of the friction, which is what causes the heat in the first place.

While minimum quantity lubrication, or MQL is not nearly as common, it is gaining traction and becoming more popular throughout the industrial manufacturing community, as more facilities are testing it and often converting over to micro lubrication systems and lubricants.

There are several reasons manufacturers are switching to MQL and in this article we’ll layout the 5 most compelling reasons why a manufacturer should consider converting from using flood coolants to MQL systems.

1 – Friction Reduction Properties

Micro lubricants use only microscopic amounts of the lubricant, which is applied in the exact spot needed during the cutting, or machining process. Because of the chemical composition of the lubricant, it forms a thin coating on the cutting tool and work piece. If the lubricant is formulated properly, like the micro lubricants developed by Maglube, it can provide up to 300 times the lubricity of some flood coolant fluids. This is due to the chemical make up of the lubricant.

For example, at Maglube, our metalworking fluids are formulated with environmentally friendly organic oils, which form a microscopic coating of friction reducing lubricant, delivered in the precise spot it is needed during the cutting process. This micro lubricant coating performs substantially better than alternative methods of flood cooling.

See…. flood coolant fluids don’t actually reduce the friction during that cutting process. They simply cool the work piece and tool by quenching the heat after it’s been produced. So, that’s basically treating the symptom, not addressing the problem. MQL addresses the problem by reducing the friction during the cutting process.  Which then leads to additional benefits gained by using micro lubrication.

2 – Virtually Eliminate Cleanup Costs and Time

In the previous section we discussed how micro lubrication uses minimal amounts of metalworking fluids in comparison to flood coolant methods. Because of the fact that 99.9% of our lubricants are burnt up during that cutting process… it means the cleanup after the machining process is virtually eliminated. The only cleanup required after machining with micro-lubricants is done by simply sweeping or vacuuming the dry cutting chips into a container to be recycled. Contrast that to the cleanup process required when using flood coolants and I’m sure you can imagine the cost savings and time savings gained by using MQL, not to mention the hazards of handling biologically unfriendly substances present in many petroleum-based fluids used in flood cooling.


So just the time savings alone means more efficiency in your manufacturing facility. Time is money! When your workers need to shut down production, so they can clean up the hazardous mess after a run using flood coolants, it’s costing your company money. That same scenario using Maglube’s MQL systems would have your production team onto the next run, instead of wasting time with the cleanup.

Additionally, because the cutting chips after a run using MQL are dry and clean, they can be placed directly into a recycling bin without needing any further cleanup. So, not only are you turning your waste, or cutting chips into an asset… your workers are spending more time producing instead of cleaning. Time is money, so MQL will save you money.

3 – Eco-Friendly Compared to Biologically Hazardous

The 21st century has brought with it an awareness of how we as humans can potentially have a detrimental effect on the environment. Industrial manufacturing is probably the industry that’s received more attention than any other… and for good reason.

In machining and manufacturing, whether it be metal, wood, plastics or rubber… we use a variety of processes. We cut, mold, bend, stamp and apply a variety of processes to the different types of materials used to create the products we all use in our everyday lives. In virtually every one of these applications… there are lubricants used to make the process more efficient, run smoother and to allow us to move faster, producing as much as possible in as short amount of time as possible. Because time is money… especially in manufacturing.

With the introduction of MQL or micro lubrication, we’ve eliminated a potentially eco-unfriendly part of the process. Because minimum quantity lubrication uses such a small amount of fluids, there’s no need for cleanup after a production run. Contrast that to a production run using petroleum-based flood coolants and you’ll quickly understand why micro lubrication is far more ecologically acceptable in today’s manufacturing process.

With up to 99.9% of the lubricant being used or burnt up during the cutting process, there’s nothing remaining that needs to be disposed. That’s just not the case with the fluids used in flood cooling. These chemicals have the need to be disposed properly. But many facilities don’t do this. They simply hose down their machines after production, allowing those eco-unfriendly wastes to be washed down the drain, eventually making it back into the environment.

This one benefit alone should be a compelling enough reason for any manufacturer to investigate the possibility of converting to micro lubrication systems. With Maglube’s MQL systems and coolants, your facility can go lean and green today.

If saving the environment isn’t quite compelling enough, keep reading as we continue explaining the 5 top reasons to convert to MQL.

4 – Cost Effective – More Efficient Manufacturing

So, we’ve established that micro-lubrication provides superior lubrication during the machining process, it can virtually eliminate cleanup time and costs, plus it offers a green alternative to the formerly hazardous methods. These qualities are reason enough to consider converting to Maglube MQL. But, when it comes down to it, the most compelling reason to go lean and switch to minimum quantity lubrication is simple… it will save money over time… a lot of money.

Depending on the type of machine being used, it is normal to use only 1 – 2 ounces of metalworking fluid during an entire 8-hour shift with our custom designed and calibrated MQL system. When we compare that to the gallons of fluids needed during the same period of manufacturing time for flood coolants, we can see a substantial savings on lubricant costs. Because of the high quality of our organically formulated lubricants, they will have a higher price tag when compared ounce for ounce. However, because we use only a fraction of the amount needed during the machining process compared to its’ counterpart… micro-lubrication is the less expensive option.


But coolant costs are not the only place savings occur. Over time, if we calculate the hours of cleanup time required by the workers in a flood coolant application, there is a substantial savings in labor cost alone with our MQL systems. Because like we’ve already discussed… there is virtually no cleanup required with these systems. When you start calculating the hours spent on cleanup over time, it can be quite substantial. The bigger the manufacturing facility, the more these saved hours of labor cost begin to add up. The difference between spending only seconds to sweep or vacuum the dry cutting chips with MQL compared to the hours required to cleanup flood coolant waste is staggering if you consider an entire year of manufacturing in your facility.

It doesn’t stop there. Because our premium quality organic oils provide superior lubrication properties, all the machines, blades, bits, etc. being used in the cutting process have a minimal amount of heat produced during the cutting process, which means they will last much longer. Heat is the biggest factor why your machines and tools wear out, so reducing… or virtually eliminating heat in the cutting process will prolong tool life. That just makes common sense, and we’ve seen first hand how it has positively affected our customer’s bottom dollar.

5 – Going Green Eliminates Potential Health Risks for Your Workers

So far, we’ve discussed numerous benefits of using Maglube MQL systems. When considering these benefits, it’s obvious that micro lubrication can potentially be a game changer for any manufacturing facility. Not only is it a much more ecologically friendly solution, but the bottom line is it flat saves money. Isn’t that what we’re all in this industry for… to make a profit?

Saving the environment and making more money are powerful benefits of converting to micro-lubrication in your company. But this last reason is without a doubt, the most important reason when considering a conversion.

MQL eliminates potential health concerns your workers are facing every day by being exposed to the petroleum-based chemicals contained in most flood coolant fluids. It will transform a manufacturing facility from a foggy, toxic mist filled shop into a clean and lean production line that has the appearance of an FDA – SQF Level 3 production facility. It only makes common sense that a cleaner working environment produces better quality products and does it more efficiently.

Eliminating flood coolants in manufacturing by converting to Maglube near dry systems will provide workers a better, cleaner and more worker friendly environment. Worker’s time will be spent on actual manufacturing, not cleaning and avoiding work place accidents due to unsafe conditions.

By transforming your facility into a cleaner and greener workplace, you can eliminate the potential health risks associated with traditional flood coolant methods.

Final MQL Thoughts

When considering all the benefits associated with micro-lubrication systems, we hope we’ve presented evidence in this article that inspires you to at least explore the possibilities of switching over to MQL.

We realize many of you are satisfied with the systems you already have in place. But we feel strongly that if you’ll take a deeper look and investigate what Maglube can do for your facility, you’ll realize that our products and systems offer compelling reasons why you should convert from flood coolants, to Maglube’s MQL Systems.

At Maglube, we provide environmentally friendly – biodegradable lubricants and systems for 21st century machining. Contact us today – Toll Free (800) 441-2023

Enhance Your Equipment’s Performance with an Eco-Friendly Aluminum Lubricant

Milling machines, industrial presses, and circular saws are only some of the necessary tools within the manufacturing industry. While these tools are highly resilient, they’re by no means invincible when it comes to signs of wear and tear throughout their use. Regular maintenance is needed to keep your equipment in prime condition and when it comes to regular upkeep, consistent lubrication with an aluminum lubricant should be your first priority.

When shopping for the right aluminum lubricant, we recommend one of our eco-friendly lubricants offered at Our top-of-the-line lubricants are leagues above the competition and we customize each product to fit whatever application it’s needed for.

Eco-Friendly Lubrication Systems

An environmentally friendly aluminum lubricant from MagLube provides a variety of benefits both within and outside of the workplace. Other lubricants are packed full of harsh, potentially hazardous chemicals, but our line of industrial lubricants are manufactured with organic oils that not only provide optimal performance, but help reduce a workplace’s carbon footprint.

High Lubricity

Another primary benefit of using our company’s lubricants is the high lubricity they provide to machinery. Many of the oils used in our products are much higher in lubricity than our competitors and will provide a smoother, safer working experience. Each aluminum lubricant in our line of products works to eliminate friction and reduce heat which thereby increases the lifetime of your equipment and ensures the safety of anyone who operates it.

Affordable Quality Product

In addition to being eco-friendly and high in lubricity, we make sure our lubricants are affordable on virtually any budget. This allows both large and small manufacturing outfits to experience the difference our lubricants can make on their workplace productivity. Each aluminum lubricant is available in a variety of convenient sizes, including 4-gallon cases, 5 gallon pails, and 55-gallon drums.

With the proper care and maintenance, your machining equipment can last for decades, if not an entire lifetime. If you’re searching for ways to extend the life of your tools and equipment while drastically improving their performance, regular lubrication is something you cannot skip. For all of the best industrial lubrication systems, shop our line of eco-friendly lubricants today at

Where do our Lubrication Systems Shine the Most?

Industrial lubricants play a vital role in a variety of workplaces and are much more effective than many coolants out there on the market. When it comes to our eco-friendly lubrication systems, the quality of the product simply cannot be beat. That’s why our MagLube industrial lubricants are able to be successfully used in a variety of different machining applications and industries throughout the country.

At MagLube, we strive to create the absolute best eco-friendly products for all of our customers. We focus strictly on quality and efficiency so that we can serve a variety of machining industries. Our lubrication systems are ideally used in the metalworking industries, as the oils used are both environmentally safe and are 300-times higher in lubricity than conventional cutting fluids.

Some industries may find our lubrication systems ideal for CNC and manual milling machines. Not only will our lubricants improve your tool’s life and functionality, but the surface finish will be improved as well. We also make our lubricants thinner than regular coolant so that heat tolerances and repeat ability are able to be easily maintained throughout the workday.

We also create lubrication systems that work exceptionally well with band saws. Our MQL system applies a thin layer of the lubrication oil onto both sides of the blade while they cut a variety of different materials. This allows the blade to run at the appropriate temperate without the need to stop and maintain it everything the heat gets too high.

Another great application for our lubrication systems are routers for machine aluminum and wood products. Without proper lubrication, dirt and dust will build up around the bit which can drastically affect the tool’s life and surface finishes of your work.

Other applications for our products include circular saws, roll formers, stamping and punching presses, and CNC and manual turning centers. For over 20 years, MagLube has been developing high quality and environmentally friendly lubrication systems that work effectively and minimize mess and hazards. Though many still look to the method of flooding equipment with coolant, we guarantee you’ll find our systems to be much more efficient. For more information on our quality products, give us a call today at (770) 888-4470.

The heavy-duty machinery that is used throughout the manufacturing industry requires a fair amount of maintenance. Not only do these machines need to be regularly inspected and have their parts updated on a semi-regular basis, they should also receive consistent lubrication in order to keep them running at top performance.

Keeping industrial machinery lubricated ensures that the various components are able to perform their respective functions unimpeded. It’s important to note, however, that all industrial lubricants aren’t created equal. As such, when searching for the proper lubricant for your company’s machinery, it pays to go with MagLube lubricant manufacturers.


One of the things that set MagLube apart from other lubricant manufacturers is our company’s commitment to the environment. In keeping with our core goal of environmental safety, MagLube’s convenient line of handheld lubricants is nontoxic and biodegradable. When using our lubricants on your company’s machinery, you will never have to worry about exposing important components to harmful chemicals and unnatural preservatives.

Beneficial to Your Machines

The MagLube brand lubricants can also do wonders for your machinery’s core components. We have designed our products to eliminate friction which reduces heat and effectively prolongs the lives of blades and other important machine parts. When working to preserve your tools, heat and friction are two things you’ll want to minimize, and MagLube lubricant manufacturers can prove helpful in accomplishing this.

Incredible Values

All of our lubricant manufacturer’s lubricants are available in large quantities, much to the delight of shoppers who can appreciate a good bargain. No matter which type of lubricant you need for your equipment, you can choose from our four-gallon case, five-gallon pail, 55-gallon drum, or 250/330-gallon tote.

Failure to lubricate your industrial machine parts can result in some serious consequences. In addition to causing assorted defects and snafus, irregular lubrication stands to dramatically reduce the overall lives of assorted parts and pieces of machinery. Fortunately, a steady supply of MagLube brand lubricant can keep your machines up and running for years and years to come. For more information about MagLube lubricant manufacturers, visit our website today or call 470-228-1462.


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