Operate Machinery Safely with MagLube’s Aluminum Lubricant

Although every profession poses various levels of safety hazards, few of them require workers to operate the heavy-duty machinery found in most metal shops and manufacturing facilities. Whether you’re a seasoned metalworker or have only recently entered the profession, there are a number of rules you’ll need to adhere to for the sake of your personal safety, such as using a high quality aluminum lubricant on the machinery. Regardless of how much experience you have in the field of metalworking, the following tips are sure to serve you well.

1. Avoid Using Machinery You’re Unfamiliar With

When you use machinery that you have no prior experience with, you’re liable to end up with some serious injuries. Though some feel that acknowledging lack of experience is embarrassing in a workplace full of professionals, but altering your team members that you’re new at operating certain machinery can benefit both you and your team. If you’re ever put in a position that requires you to use equipment you’re not familiar with, request the assistance of a more experienced coworker to avoid potential harm.

2. Keep the Machinery Well-Maintained with Aluminum Lubricant

Machinery that isn’t properly maintained poses a number of risks to metalworkers and stands to compromise the quality of their work. With this in mind, keep your tools well-oiled with a high-quality aluminum lubricant system and make sure to have them cleaned and inspected on a regular basis. An aluminum lubricant from our manufacturers at MagLube will not only effectively lubricate your machinery, but their eco-friendly composition will provide a safer use overall.

3. Clean Up Spills Immediately

Oil spills are common in most metal shops, and it’s in everyone’s best interest that they are cleaned up immediately! Not only do oil spills create general slipping hazards, but spills around dangerous machinery can result in a disastrous accident when workers slip while on the job. Be sure to take care and clean up any tools or cylinders that find their way onto the floor ASAP.

If the proper precautions aren’t taken, metalworking can be a perilous profession. Fortunately, by asking for assistance, investing in a high quality aluminum lubricant, and cleaning up any messes, metalworkers can avoid accidents and help ensure their personal safety. For more information on our products, shop our line of lubricants today at MagLube.com.

Keep Your Tools Running Smoothly with MagLube Band Saw Lubricant

Band saws are an important tool which can be used to cut metal in a variety of different ways. These convenient pieces of equipment are common sights in manufacturing facilities, shop classes, and private workshops. As a high-powered saw, a band saw should be operated with the utmost caution and will need high quality band saw lubricant to keep them running smoothly. Whether you’ve been using them for years or have only recently began working with them, the following tops can help you stay safe while operating a band saw.

1. Stay on Top of Maintenance

If a band saw isn’t properly maintained, both your personal safety and the quality of your work will be put at risk. To ensure that the saw remains well-oiled, invest in a dependable band saw lubricant from MagLube today! Cleaning the band saw after every use will help prevent dust and debris from building up and finding its way inside the gears of your equipment. Even if your saw blade is resilient, it’s not going to last forever, so make sure you lubricate with a specialized band saw lubricant and replace dull blades as soon as possible.

2. Be Aware of Where Your Hands Are

When operating a band saw, keep your hands well out of the line of cut. This means never pushing metal directly into a blade or having your hands anywhere near the blade while the tool is in use. With this in mind, anchor your hands firmly on the workbench or table, and push the metal using only your fingers. By keeping your hands out of the way, a serious workplace accident can be avoided, ensuring your safety and that work can resume as usual.

No workshop, be it private or industrial, is complete without a reliable band saw in its equipment arsenal. Although band saw accidents are fairly easy to avoid with safety precautions and high quality band saw lubricant, there is no excuse to let your guard down when operating one. The next time you find yourself working with a band saw, make sure the pointers discussed above are fresh in your mind.

For quality, eco-friendly band saw lubricant, look no further than MagLube.com. Contact us today at (770) 888-4470 for more information on all of our lubrication systems and products.

Keeping industrial machinery up and running is no easy task. This is particularly true in the case of band saws. Not only do these heavy-duty tools need to be consistently cleaned and inspected for signs of wear, their blades need to be tended to on a regular basis. In many respects, the blade is the most important part of the band saw — and if it isn’t properly cared for through lubrication misting systems, the tool won’t be able to produce accurate cuts. To ensure the best possible performance out of a band saw blade, heed the following tips.

Consistent Lubrication

The regularity with which a band saw blade requires lubrication is dependent upon how often the saw is used. For example, a blade that’s used on a daily basis will need to be lubricated more often than a blade that’s only used once in a great while. Efficient lubrication and misting systems tend to work best for this task, particularly in industrial settings. These misting systems help streamline the lubrication process, effectively providing operators with more time to focus on more pressing matters.

Consistent Sharpening

For a band saw’s blades to remain at their most potent, they’ll need to be sharpened on a consistent basis. This task is best performed with a resilient sharpening stone, and in addition to sharpening both sides of the saw blade, you’ll also need to sharpen the bottom of the gullet.

Semi-Regular Replacement

No blade lasts forever, and band saw blades are no exception to this rule. Even if the utmost care is taken, a band saw blade will periodically need to be replaced. In fact, it’s hardly uncommon for industrial band saws to receive replacement blades every few months. Continuing to use a blade that’s well past its prime can result in dull, uneven cuts and potentially compromise your personal safety.

Band saws are used to cut a wide range of materials throughout a wide range of industries. However, without a well-cared for blade, a band saw is essentially useless. In the quest to keep your band saw blade in prime condition, remember the importance of consistent lubrication with misting systems, sharpening, and semi-regular replacement.

For all of the best lubrication and misting systems, shop MagLube brand lubricants today at MagLube.com.

Band saws are among the most versatile tools available today. Used extensively throughout the metalworking, woodworking, and lumber industries, these convenient saws are regular fixtures at countless industrial facilities. Even though the band saw has existed in various forms for over a century, its popularity has never been one to wane.

Whether you oversee a large-scale operation or work as an independent contractor, it’s in your best interest to keep your band saws in prime condition. Not only does regular maintenance with band saw coolant increase the longevity of the aforementioned tools, it enables them to run smoothly and produce accurate cuts. Heeding the following tips will ensure that your band saws remain up and running for the foreseeable future.

1. Perform Regular Bearing and Belt Inspections

In the interest of preserving your personal safety and ensuring your band saw’s continued wellbeing, take care to perform regular bearing and belt inspections. To carry out these inspections, you’ll need to remove the saw’s cover, thus gaining access to the tool’s bearings. If the bearings seem stiff, they’ll need to be lubricated with vegetable oil or band saw coolant. Next, inspect the belts for signs of wear and tear and use an air compressor to rid them of residual sawdust particles.

2. Lubricate the Blade

For your saw blade to retain its accuracy, it will need to receive consistent lubrication and band saw coolant. In addition, you’ll need to release the blade tension and cool it down with a reliable band saw coolant after each use.

3. Regularly Sharpen the Blade

In order for a band saw blade to continuously produce accurate cuts, it will need to be sharpened on a regular basis. When sharpening a blade, enlist the aid of a high-quality sharpening stone and take your time in sharpening both sides, as well as the bottom of the gullet.

The band saw is a vitally important tool to a number of vitally important industries. To ensure a consistently reliable performance out of your company’s band saws, you’ll need to stay on top of tool inspections and blade maintenance. For the best eco-friendly band saw coolant and lubrications, visit MagLube.com today and shop all of our quality products.


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