What is a MQL System and How Does It Benefit the Machining Industry?

“Minimum Quantity Lubrication”, or MQL, is an alternative lubrication system to the traditional metalworking fluids utilized in machining outfits. Often called “Minimal Quantity Lubrication”, “Near-Dry Machining”, or “Micro-Lubrication”, this process can be difficult to grasp if you’re used to the MWFs that many metalworking machines come pre-equipped with. Though the concept is different, a MQL system has a variety of benefits to those in the machining and metalworking industries.

Though the use of coolants as MWFs is extremely easy, the coolant needs to be run through other equipment to recirculate, filter, test, and treat it in order to avoid bacterial contamination when used. This not only runs the risk of affecting your workers’ health, but it also drastically increases costs. It’s due to these negative effects that a MQL system really shines in comparison.

For a system that saves businesses money and eliminates the mess, disposal process, and other negative impacts of coolant, it’s not as widely utilized as one would think. Though it has gained more use in recent years, there are still many machining outfits that haven’t grasped the immense benefits a MQL system brings their manufacturing company.

Rather than using coolant, a MQL system will utilize a lubricant instead in as little quantities as possible, hence the name. Since a MQL applicator will only use around 8 ounces of lubrication within a regular 8 hour shift, the immense cost savings a MQL system provides is incredibly obvious. Not only that, but this system also reduces the mess created with transferring coolants from one machine to the other. The minimum quantity lubrication method also does its best to utilize the exact amount of lubrication needed for each application, rather than the “one-size-fits-all” method of MWFs.

When you take the time to fully understand the functionality and benefits of a MQL system, you’ll be working towards reducing the cost your manufacturing takes. You’ll also be providing your employees with a more precise and less hazardous method of lubricating their machines to keep production at an all-time high. For a variety of eco-friendly lubricants that are perfect for MQL machining, shop our line of products at MagLube.com.

Industrial machinery is the backbone of most manufacturing facilities and production plants. These machines do everything from producing parts to assembling finished products and keeping them in prime condition is extremely important.

The quality of a product is directly reflected in the quality of the machinery that helped create it, so in the interest of producing high-quality goods and keeping consumers happy, it would be wise to invest in top-of-the-line industrial lubrication and spray mist systems.

Keeps Components Clean

A fair number of industrial lubricants – most notably, those sold by MagLube – also function as cleaners. This ensures that every time lubricant is applied to machine components through one of our spray mist systems, those parts are purged of various dirt and debris. Lubricants that are able to remove dry chips from tool paths can also save workers a tremendous amount of time and hassle.

Extends the Life of Your Machines

The user-friendly spray mist systems from MagLube can play an important role in keeping your machines up and running for the foreseeable future. These systems ensure that your machine’s core components remain consistently lubricated, effectively reducing heat and friction. Since your machine’s components are constantly grinding against one another, proper lubrication is needed to prevent excessive friction – which can lead to a host of costly issues.

Saves you Money

Industrial lubrication and spray mist systems stands to save your business a considerable sum of money over the long-term. Regular lubrication reduces the need for expensive repairs and part-replacements, saving many manufacturing companies thousands of dollars each year.

When working with industrial machinery, you can’t afford to skimp on maintenance. Failure to properly care for your highly-specialized tools stands to dramatically reduce their respective life-spans and have adverse effects on your output. Fortunately, investing in a reliable lubrication and spray mist systems is an effective way to keep your machines going strong for many years to come.

If you’re in the market for high-quality industrial lubricants, look no further than MagLube.com. We offer a variety of different products suitable for any machining need. Contact us today at 800-441-2023 for more information about our lubricants.

Keeping metalworking tools in prime condition is essential to the success of metal shops of all sizes. The better maintained the equipment, the more reliable the performance. When working to keep your metalworking tools in great shape, you can’t afford to overlook consistent lubrication. The right industrial lubrication systems ensure that these tools can perform their jobs well and produce clean, accurate cuts. If you’re currently in the market for reliable lubrication, look no further than the high-quality products from MagLube. As you’ll find, these top-shelf industrial lubrication systems provide a variety of perks.

Environmentally Conscious

Anyone on the hunt for environmentally-conscious metalworking fluid is sure to love the eco-friendly lubricants from MagLube. Not only are our oils organic, but they also have a substantially higher lubricity rate than run-of-the-mill cutting oils. The organic nature of our industrial lubrication systems also helps to reduce the amount of disposable waste your tools generate, effectively reducing your business’s carbon footprint.

First-Rate Lubrication

MagLube oils also provide top-of-the-line lubrication. Contrary to what their respective manufacturers would have you believe, many traditional metalworking fluids provide very little when it comes to lubrication. This is because their lubricating properties are typically mixed with 10 to 20 parts water. Our oils and industrial lubrication systems serve to simultaneously lubricate tool components and prevent overheating.

Increased Tool Life

High-quality metalworking tools don’t come cheap. That being the case, it’s in your financial best interest to keep your shop’s tools up and running for as long as possible – and our lubricants can prove tremendously helpful in this endeavor. Tools that receive consistent lubrication are far less likely to fall victim to overheating and prematurely-worn components, which ensures a healthy return on your investment.

Your metal shop is only as good as the equipment you use – and if those tools aren’t properly maintained, your output could very well suffer. In the interest of keeping your business’s most valuable assets in peak condition, you’ll need to lubricate them with dependable oil – like the industrial lubrication systems from MagLube – on a regular basis. Shop all of our high quality industrial lubricants at MagLube.com today!

When it comes to industrial tools, regular lubrication is an absolute must. Keeping your various tools consistently lubricated can go a long way in increasing their respective shelf lives and keeping defects to a minimum. Fortunately, companies in search of reliable industrial lubrication systems have a plethora of options from which to choose. It should be noted, however, that few of these lubricants hold a candle to the dependable products from MagLube. Our company’s convenient minimum quantity industrial lubrication systems are a good fit for businesses of all sizes.

Unparalleled Convenience

Many standard-grade industrial lubricants are rife with harmful chemicals and unnatural preservatives. Over time, these elements can wear down machine parts and facilitate the need for substantial cleaning. On the other hand, many of our signature industrial lubrication systems are designed with environmental friendliness in mind, as evidenced by their biodegradability and lack of toxicity. Additionally, the lack of questionable chemicals found in our lubricants reduces the need for frequent tool cleanings and helps reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Wide Compatibility

MagLube’s industrial lubrication systems are compatible with an extensive range of tools. For example, our lubricants are conducive for all metals, woods, rubbers, and plastics, ensuring across-the-board compatibility. No matter what industry your company serves or what kinds of industrial tools you use, odds are MagLube brand lubricants can serve as a tremendous boost to your operation.

Stress-Free Cleanup

Because of their inherent eco-friendliness, MagLube’s lubricants produce very little in the way of disposable waste. In addition to reducing cleanup times, they ensure that your employees’ health isn’t put at risk every time they dispose of the lubricants or handle machine parts to which they’ve been applied.

It’s important to be discerning when searching for the right industrial lubrication systems. Since lubrication plays a vital role in keeping industrial tools and equipment up and running, your choice of lubricant should not be taken lightly. If unmatched convenience, widespread compatibility, and easy cleanup are what you’re after, look no further than our MagLube brand lubricants. Shop our online store today or contact us today at 470-228-1462 for more information.

How our Minimum Quantity Lubrication System will help Your Equipment’s Performance

Whether you’re working in a private or industrial workshop, there’s no doubt that your space will be filled with a variety of different machinery related to your preferred industry. You may have a band saw, milling machine, or a variety of other metalworking tools that require consistent lubrication and upkeep. Failing to perform the proper maintenance on your equipment can result in lower-quality production and workplace accidents, which is why it’s so important that you invest in a high quality minimum quantity lubrication system. If you haven’t put much emphasis on regular lubrication in the past, there are a variety of important reasons as to why you should get in the habit of consistent maintenance.

Provides Accurate Cuts

A band saw, for example, that’s unable to produce accurate cuts isn’t of much use in the long run. By providing your equipment with consistent lubrication, you can ensure that it produces smooth, accurate cuts without any issues or hassle. When searching for a suitable lubricant, you can’t go wrong with the minimum quantity lubrication system we offer at MagLube.com. As one of the leading eco-friendly industrial lubricant manufacturers, we pride ourselves on creating sustainable lubricants that allow machinery to operate at top performance, minimizing wasted materials and equipment related accidents.

Reduces Friction

Lubrication plays a vital role in reducing the friction created by the movement of heavy machinery. A minimum quantity lubrication system works to reduce heat and respectively lower the chances of your equipment overheating. By allowing your equipment to work so hard it begins to overheat, you not only put extra strain on the tools and risk long-term damage, but it cuts down your productivity as you’ll need to take the time to let your machinery cool off before you can continue working again. With regular application of the industrial lubricants from MagLube, you’ll never have to worry about damaging your equipment as you work hard throughout the day.

Saves Money

Regular lubrication through a minimum quantity lubrication system can save workshop owners a fair amount of money in the long run. Infrequently lubricated equipment generally has a much shorter life-span than those that are maintained properly. Poor maintenance can also facilitate the need for costly repairs and expensive replacements.

A little bit of consistent maintenance can go a long way in extending the life and improving the functionality of your manufacturing equipment. With a minimum quantity lubrication system from MagLube.com, you’ll be able to work efficiently while reducing workplace errors and imperfections.

Working with industrial machinery can present a number of challenges for equipment operators. In addition to needing the level of knowledge required to operate, milling machines, band saws, and near dry machining equipment also need a steady stream of regular maintenance. If certain maintenance procedures are not performed consistently, your tools and machinery will be unable to make the accurate cuts necessary. Furthermore, working with equipment that receives little to no maintenance can put an operator’s safety at risk. When looking for ways to keep your heavy-duty near dry machining cutting tools in good condition, you can’t go wrong with industrial lubrication systems from MagLube.com.

Freedom from Component Cleanings

If you’re passionate about near dry machining, you’re sure to love the cutting edge lubrication systems we sell at MagLube. Since our lubricants are much thinner than other water-soluble coolants, they’re able to effectively clean your machining equipment. This effectively eliminates the need for manual component cleanings, thus saving tool operators a substantial amount of time.

Consistently Accurate Cuts

Most industrial tools for near dry machining require regular lubrication to produce consistently accurate cuts. Countless instances of improperly cut lumber, metal, and wood can be directly traced back to infrequent lubrication. In addition to consistently lubricating your blades, you’ll need to do so with a lubricant that has a proven track record of excellence – like the groundbreaking lubricants developed by MagLube.

Satisfied Clients

Like your company’s cutting tools, the corresponding lubrication systems should be views as investments. The more lubrication your tools receive, the better equipped they’ll be to produce accurate cuts – much to the satisfaction of your clients. This will make newer clients more apt to work with you again and make regular clients feel justified in giving you their continued patronage.

Industrial lubrication systems are an absolute must for companies that make extensive use of industrial cutting tools for near dry machining. Not only do these systems save operators a tremendous amount of time and effort, they play a valuable role in extending the lives of various equipment and their respective components. Be sure to shop MagLube today for the best eco-friendly industrial lubricants.


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