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MQL Applications for CNC & Manual Milling Machines

Implementing MQL on a milling machine is now easier and more affordable. From single spindle tool room mills to multi-spindle gantry mills, MagLube can design, build and retrofit the correct MQL system to any milling machine.

The Maglube Halo Nozzle is designed to offer the perfect solution for all types of spindle lubrication. These are all custom made to fit directly onto the spindle and we can accommodate diameters of up to 13”. The Maglube Halo Nozzle offers a 360 degree pattern of lubrication that will help extend tool life and give your parts the best finish. These are designed to be used with our simple 1 pump systems, making this a relatively inexpensive option given the many benefits.

maglube manual mill machine With MQL, dramatic cuts in coolant costs can be achieved while protecting the workers and the environment. MQL will deliver improved tool life and surface finishes on machined parts. This is due to the quality and effectiveness of the lubrication as well as eliminating the silicon particle contamination in the reused cutting fluid. Other benefits include dry chips, which are more valuable, little to no cleanup and elimination of parts washing in most cases.

For manual milling machines check out our MQL System Package at the link below. This PKG has everything needed to set up a manual mill with MagLube’s MQL

Learn more about Manual Mill Lathe MQL System PKG

Custom MagLube MQL Systems for CNC Milling

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