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CNC Router MQL and Micro Lubrication Applications

The MagLube MQL system is perfect for use on routers that machine aluminum and other types of metals. The MagLube system requires a designated air-line (80-120 psi) and can be activated by the operator with a manual slide valve or with an electric solenoid/air pilot upon request. When using the MagLube system, operators can expect to use between 2-4 ounces of lubricant in an 8 hour shift of production machining. Each system sold carries a one year manufacturer’s warranty on all components.

A toggle switch is installed on the right side of the applicator to shut off the pump and allow only air out of the nozzle for materials not requiring a lubricant.

The LD-300L lubricant is a low viscosity lubricant designed for aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. It has excellent lubrication properties. It is non-staining, has a low burn off temperature and will evaporate like an alcohol. As opposed to traditional “coolant systems” the MagLube system is a cleaner, safer, more efficient and cost effective way of lubricating your cutting tools.

Check out our CNC Router MQL system PKG for everything needed to set up a router with MQL

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MagLube Custom CNC Micro-Lubricant Systems

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