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What is Near Dry Machining?

For metal workers that use MWFs (metal working fluids) for lubrication during their machining process, we’d like to introduce you to a better and more efficient method. Our cooling and lubrication process, known as MQL (minimum quantity lubrication), has also been called “near dry machining”. The name describes it well! Compared to flood cooling with MWFs, where you are literally flooding the tool and the work piece with toxic chemicals, this alternative method of micro-lubrication can improve your machining processes in many ways.

When using the traditional MWF flood cooling method, the coolant needs to be run through other equipment to recirculate, filter, test, and treat it in order to avoid bacterial contamination when used. Then, the mess caused during the process, the wet and soggy soaked cutting chips at the end require time consuming cleanup, not to mention the potential health hazards experienced by the machinists. This adds additional steps to your production that can be avoided by using near dry machining.

Precision Lubricant Delivery Applicator

With near dry machining, or MQL, it will utilize lubricant in as little quantities as possible, even microscopic amounts. This lubricant is delivered in the exact spot where the friction is created during the machining process with a precisely positioned nozzle or applicator. Because of the lubricity of this organic lubricant, much less is required than with flood cooling. Our customers use only ounces per day… versus gallons of MWFs needed before switching.

This is what Mike Honeycutt said about the performance after converting to MagLube MQL:

I wanted to touch base with you and let you know what our test of MagLube has given us. Switching to MagLube has been a Huge Benefit for our entire Fabrication Team.

MagLube has Perfect Lubricating qualities that result in mirror like cutting edges, Perfect !! Because the Product evaporates, it leaves no residue to cleanup. This saves us a complete step in our manufacturing process.

Another added benefit is the environmental effects. With our previous products it caused our machine operators to cough and have difficulty breathing when coming in contact with the mist.

With MagLube this issue has Completely Vanished…. That Single Benefit is well worth the switch to MagLube. Did I mention the actual Cost? MagLube is much less expensive compared to the former brand of lubricant we used. We are completely satisfied with MagLube… It cured all our CNC lubricating issues.

Thank you for sending us a sample,

Sincerely , Mike Honeycutt
SAR Wholesale Sign Factory

Dry Chip Machining Saves Time and Money

I’m sure you can imagine how much of a savings this can give you with not only coolant costs… but also time, seeing how the near dry machining method all but removes the need for post-production cleanup. After a run with our method, the cutting chips are dry, allowing you to simply vacuum or sweep them into a recycle container.

Having the ability to simply sweep or vacuum up the left-over metal cutting chips is actually another cost savings of the dry chip machining method. Instead of having a time-consuming cleanup that flood cooling causes, your machine operator will be able to save the chips in a dry chip container. These chips can then be recycled and sold for an additional revenue stream that never existed with the flooding method.

Our Micro Lubrication System Remove the Potential Health Risks to Worker

The most common health problems experienced when using flood cooling and MWFs are sometimes visibly noticeable on workers hands and skin. These skin irritations are typically due to direct contact with these hazardous chemicals found in the MWFs. However, more serious health issues occur when the mist created by the flood cooling process is inhaled by the worker. Prolonged exposure and inhalation have been known to cause serious, even life-threatening health issues.

Here are some of the health risks proven to be caused by MWFs:

Over exposure to MWF mist can potentially cause brain tumors and harm other internal organs

It has been documented by the medical community that over exposure to MWFs can cause nerve damage

When inhaled, small amounts of MWF particles can penetrate parts of the lungs causing asthma, chronic bronchitis and hypersensitivity pneumonitis

When entering the nose, mouth or lungs, MWF particles can enter the digestive tract. Which has been linked to colon, bladder, pancreatic and liver cancers

Oils found in MWFs, whether water-based, synthetic, semi-synthetic can cause contact dermatitis and prolonged exposure may cause allergic contact eczema

The mist of MWFs can contain microorganisms, bacteria and fungi. When breathed in will increase the likelihood of contracting illness or disease

With near dry machining, these issues are all but eliminated from the equation during production. As we previously mentioned, there isn’t a flooding of the tool and work piece. MQL delivers microscopic amounts of an eco-friendly and organic lubricant to the exact spot the friction is created, and even with up to 300X the lubricity of most MWFs. This also eliminates the mist that’s caused during flooding.

Set Up One Machine with a MagLube MQL System and You’ll Never Go Back

At MagLube, we take pride in designing and installing custom MQL systems for our valued customers that transform their manufacturing processes. Most times this means working with their project engineers, maintenance supervisors or whoever is in charge of making sure their machines are being lubricated efficiently and providing the best process possible.

However, you don’t have to convert your entire facility to find out how great our lubricants and systems are. We have assembled some all-inclusive MQL systems packages that will allow you to make preliminary decisions if our systems and minimum quantity lubricants are suitable for your needs. For a minimal investment you’ll be able to set up quickly and use the best performing MQL system on the planet. See our packages below:

Manual Mill PKG
Bandsaw MQL System PKG
MAG 1-3 MQL System PKG
CNC Router MQL System PKG
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Try our most popular organic machining lubricant for Free

Already have a different MQL system on your machines? We’d be willing to bet our lubricants will perform better than any other micro-lubricant on the market.

If you want to give us a try, reach out today and we’ll send you a Free Test bottle of our most popular lubricant: LD-300L.

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