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Industrial Metal Working Machinery Lubrication And Systems

Industrial metalworking machinery is the backbone of most manufacturing facilities and production plants. These machines do everything from producing parts to assembling finished products to creating the packaging they’re shipped in.

Having the highest quality machinery is a must if your production goal is to produce the highest quality end products. But the type of lubricants and lubricant delivery systems being used is one variable that can dramatically impact how well your machines perform, the quality of your end products being produced, and the costs associated with production.

micro-lubrication system by MagLube

Importance of using efficient industrial lubrication systems

The right industrial lubrication systems ensure that these tools can perform their jobs well and produce clean, accurate cuts, optimize production costs and provide a safe working environment for your people. Having the wrong lubrication system can potentially compromise the quality of your end product while also creating dangerous working conditions… which inevitably adds time and costs to your production.

Most production facilities are still using flood cooling as their primary lubrication method during production. This method floods the tools and workpiece with toxic chemicals during the cutting process. This is done to help lubricate and control temperature during the cutting process. While it may help, it lacks efficiency and contributes to added production costs, unsafe working environments and adds unneeded steps to production.

A much more effective alternative lubrication method that may suit your situation better would be MQL – minimum quantity lubrication. MQL is also known as micro-lubrication or near dry machining. This is what MagLube specializes in. 

MagLube organic biodegradable oils also provide top-of-the-line lubrication. Used in conjunction with our industrial lubrication systems, you’ll be able to simultaneously lubricate tool components and prevent overheating.

MagLube Designs Custom MQL Systems

Our MQL systems can be retrofitted to any metal working machine. Because of the precision design of the delivery system, our systems use only a fraction of the lube you may be used to if you’re using flood cooling. This is possible by precisely positioning the lubricant applicator to deliver microscopic amounts of lubricant at specific intervals during the cutting process.

Near dry machining

It may sound like the performance and cooling ability would be less than that of a flooding system, but it’s the exact opposite. Because our micro-lubricants, like the MagLube LD-300 L have such a high lubricity, our customers find their machinery is staying cooler, cleaner and most importantly producing higher quality end products.

Our lubricating systems can be retrofitted for any CNC milling machine, CNC router, manual milling machine, metal bandsaw, drill and virtually all other metal cutting machinery. Depending on the project, type of tool being used, and type of metal being cut, we can design a custom system for any metal working application you may be working with.

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