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Where do our Lubrication Systems Shine the Most?

Industrial lubricants play a vital role in a variety of workplaces and are much more effective than many coolants out there on the market. When it comes to our eco-friendly lubrication systems, the quality of the product simply cannot be beat. That’s why our MagLube industrial lubricants are able to be successfully used in a variety of different machining applications and industries throughout the country.

At MagLube, we strive to create the absolute best eco-friendly products for all of our customers. We focus strictly on quality and efficiency so that we can serve a variety of machining industries. Our lubrication systems are ideally used in the metalworking industries, as the oils used are both environmentally safe and are 300-times higher in lubricity than conventional cutting fluids.

Some industries may find our lubrication systems ideal for CNC and manual milling machines. Not only will our lubricants improve your tool’s life and functionality, but the surface finish will be improved as well. We also make our lubricants thinner than regular coolant so that heat tolerances and repeat ability are able to be easily maintained throughout the workday.

We also create lubrication systems that work exceptionally well with band saws. Our MQL system applies a thin layer of the lubrication oil onto both sides of the blade while they cut a variety of different materials. This allows the blade to run at the appropriate temperate without the need to stop and maintain it everything the heat gets too high.

Another great application for our lubrication systems are routers for machine aluminum and wood products. Without proper lubrication, dirt and dust will build up around the bit which can drastically affect the tool’s life and surface finishes of your work.

Other applications for our products include circular saws, roll formers, stamping and punching presses, and CNC and manual turning centers. For over 20 years, MagLube has been developing high quality and environmentally friendly lubrication systems that work effectively and minimize mess and hazards. Though many still look to the method of flooding equipment with coolant, we guarantee you’ll find our systems to be much more efficient. For more information on our quality products, give us a call today at (770) 888-4470.