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Are you still using toxic flood coolant systems in your manufacturing process?

Benefits changing over to Maglube MQL Systems

  • Eliminate post production clean up
  • Save money on lubricants/coolants
  • Eliminate toxic chemicals
  • Convert cutting chips to revenue
  • Prolong tool and machine life
  • Keep facility clean and safe

About Maglube – Lubricant and Lubricant Systems Manufacturer

Specializing in MQL Systems (Minimum Quantity Lubrication)

With more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Maglube of Cumming, Georgia has recognized the fact that there is no off-the-shelf approach to solving the numerous and varied lubricant problems in the manufacturing process. While many still believe that the answer is with the old technique of flooding parts with coolants or oils, the fact remains that this concept has its own problems such as wet parts, maintenance, disposal, cleanup, toxic chemicals, fogging facility, tool and machine damage.

We also recognize that with the concept of micro-lubrication, utilizing organic lubricants in place of flood oils, can have its own set of problems when used improperly. With Maglube we solve all these issues that most of our competitors won’t.

Common Issues in Micro Lubrication:

  • Incorrectly configured equipment – Solved! (Maglube precisely calibrates each system)
  • Selection of improper lubricant – Solved! (We have the perfect organic lubricant for each application)
  • Faulty MQL system installation – Solved! (Maglube installs and tests each system on-site)

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See the Difference Between Flood Cooling and Maglube MQL

Flood cooling does cool down the cutting tool during the cutting process. However, it does so by “quenching” and doesn’t actual reduce friction. This quenching is also detrimental to the tool itself as it heats and cools, creating chips and cracks in bits and blades. It also makes a toxic mess in the shop and working area, causing added costs and cleanup time to every production run.

There is a better way!

Our MQL systems apply just the perfect – microscopic amount of Maglube lubricant in the exact place it’s needed during the cut, reducing the friction by up to 300 times that of the flooding methods. It also virtually eliminates toxic waste, producing dry cutting chips, which become an asset to your company. Because our lubricants are organically formulated, our process is also ecologically friendly.

These Videos Tell The Story

Machining the old way with flood coolants

21st Century Machining with Maglube MQL

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