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Learn How Lubrication Systems Have Evolved Through Time

Industrial lubrication systems are extremely beneficial to the functionality of our metalworking equipment and machines. Since its first major introduction into the industrial world, lubrication technology has drastically advanced as we entered modern times. Below is a brief timeline explaining this history of how lubrication systems became to be so advanced.

B.C. – Late 1850s

Lubrication systems first came to light in ancient Egypt, where olive oil would be used to move large objects. They also used various animal fats to lubricate their chariot axels. Up until the 1850s, lubricants were mainly made from animal fats and vegetable oils. In 1859, the very first oil well was drilled in Titusville, PA, which was the very beginning of the petroleum age.

Early 1900s

As the auto industry began to boom in the 1920s, lubricant manufacturers worked to process their petroleum-based lubrication systems to improve performance. Many treatment processes are developed, with solvent refining emerging as the most practical. Additives were introduced in the 1930s that would protect against corrosion, enhance pour points, and improve viscosity. In the 1940s, lubricants are becoming more widely used due to their improving ability to prolong performance and service life.

Late 1900s

Synthetic lubricants are developed in the 1950s, which were primarily used in the newly developed aviation and aerospace industries. Oil purification and performance were drastically improved through new hydroprocessing technologies developed on the 1970s and more modern technologies were brought to light for lubrication systems in the 1990s.

Modern Day

Lubrication systems are continuously evolving as more and more advanced machinery is developed. Industrial lubricants are constantly in production with the goal of better productivity, performance, efficiency, and sustainability.

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