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Recent testimonials from MagLube lubricant customers

When it comes to lubrication systems and lubricants on CNC machines and other metalworking type machines, MagLube has the best lubricants and systems, according to customers.

25 Years developing Best CNC lubricant available

Of course, we’re a bit biased! We’ve spent over 25 years developing and perfecting our biodegradable oils and systems. During the past quarter century… our R&D, trial and error, testing and most importantly… listening to customer feedback has resulted in MagLube providing what our customers agree are the most efficient micro-lubricants on the market.

In this article, we want to highlight what a couple of recent customers told us after switching from one of our main competitor’s to our MagLube LD-300L, which is our top rated aluminum lubricant used for CNC milling, CNC routing and all other metal fabrication processes used in aluminum fabrication.

MagLube Micro-Lubricants perform optimally on all MQL systems

 At MagLube, we feel our MQL systems are second to none. They’re made with higher quality parts and perform better than other competitor’s systems. But even on other non-MagLube micro lubrication systems… we’re finding metal fabricators prefer our lubricants over what other companies have to offer.

There’s a reason for that! Our micro-lubricants perform better across the board.

Here’s what a new customer had to say after switching from a competitor’s lubricants to MagLube LD-300L:

I wanted to touch base with you and let you know what our test of MagLube has given us. Switching to MagLube has been a Huge Benefit for our entire Fabrication Team.

MagLube has Perfect Lubricating qualities that result in mirror like cutting edges, Perfect!! Because the Product evaporates, it leaves no residue to cleanup. This saves us a complete step in our manufacturing process.

MagLube LD-300LAnother added benefit is the environmental effects. With our previous products it caused our machine operators to cough and have difficulty breathing when coming in contact with the mist.

With MagLube this issue has Completely Vanished…. That Single Benefit is well worth the switch to MagLube. Did I mention the actual Cost? MagLube is much less expensive compared to the former brand of lubricant we used. We are completely satisfied with MagLube… It cured all our CNC lubricating issues.

Thank you for sending us a sample,


Mike Honeycutt
SAR Wholesale Sign Factory

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MagLube CNC Lubricants for your cnc machinesAccording to this customer, switching to MagLube organic cutting oils has improved their metal fabrication process in several critical aspects:

  • Reduction in amount of lubricant needed
  • Improved quality of cuts and finished product
  • Reduced post-production cleanup time to virtually zero
  • Machines performing more efficiently
  • Biodegradable lubricants removed disposal from equation
  • Virtually eliminated health risks to workers
  • Saved time and money!

While one customer testimonial is only anecdotal evidence at best. We also received a 2nd unsolicited new customer testimonial the same week. This was also from a customer that switched from a competitor’s lubricants to MagLube MQL lubricants, after testing a Free Sample we had shipped to him.

My name is Todd Glass and I am in charge of the CNC machines at the Phoenix location. We were using some router lubricant that was really oily and left a lot of residue before.

We had MultiCAM out for a service call and they recommended your LD-300L lubricant for cutting aluminum and we have started using that for probably the past year.

It is amazing stuff and works great and we will continue to use it! If you guys come out with anything new for sure let me know and we will be more than happy to try it out!

Todd Glass
CNC and Operations Manager

As with the other testimonial, this CNC operator swears by MagLube’s lubricants. These 2 customers are not the exception… they are the rule! Virtually every manufacturing engineer, operations manager or CNC operator that’s tried our micro-lubricants has switched over and never gone back.

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MagLube Free Sample LubricantIf you’re in this position at your company, and you’d like to discover the most efficient and cost-effective solution for lubricating any and all your metalworking machines… contact us today! We’ll happily ship you a Free Sample of our flagship aluminum & CNC lubricant to test on your machines.

We highly recommend using our lubricants in conjunction with our industrial MQL systems. You’ll experience the best of both worlds then. If you have an MQL system that’s not MagLube brand, our organic lubricants will make it more efficient. Contact us and request a Free Sample to test and get you started.

Contact MagLube today for a Free Sample to test on your MQL systems.
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Use the Live Chat feature or fill out form on our Contact Us page