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Looking for the best lubrication solutions in 2020? It’s important these days that you not only have high quality lubricants and a delivery systems, but they need to provide above average results while also being eco-friendly and biodegradable. Green manufacturing is becoming more important as we move into the future of manufacturing.

World Class Biodegradable Machining Lubricants

It goes without saying that any lubricant being used in food processing should be safe and NSF H1 approved as a food grade lubricant, like our MagLube FC-500. But years of focused R&D here at MagLube have also resulted in an entire line of machining lubricants that are completely eco-friendly and biodegradable. Our lubricants are formulated with organic oils and can be used with our micro-lubrication systems or other systems on virtually any machine being used in metalworking or other manufacturing processes. If we don’t already have an MQL system built for your particular make and model machine… we can custom design and retrofit systems for any machines you’re running in your facility.

MagLube’s Food Grade Lubricant is NSF H1 Approved

MagLube’s world class solution for food processing facilities is our MagLube FC-500. The FC-500 lubricant bonds vegetable fatty acids to a stable polyol scaffold to significantly improve high temperature stability and uses safe additives to provide corrosion resistance and excellent lubricating properties.

food processing conveyor using MagLube lubricantThis lubricant is perfect for any food processing facility running conveyors and machinery with chains. It is an H1 class lubricant, sometimes referred to as an “above the line” lubricant. That’s important because there’s often incidental food contact, making it critical that it is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Like all other MagLube products… it takes only microscopic amounts of FC-500 to keep the chains and wheel running smoothly. This saves money and extends tool life over time.

Best CNC Router and Milling Machine Lubricant in 2020

Our most popular micro-lubricant used for most CNC applications is MagLube LD-300L. CNC routers and milling machines react perfectly to this lubricant during the metal cutting and routing process. This specially formulated organic product requires only a fraction of what traditional lubrication systems required. Our micro-lubrication systems used in conjunction with the LD-300L has been found to have up to 300 times the lubricity of the older less efficient flood cooling and misting methods.

CNC machines work efficiently with MagLube lubricant systems

But not only does it perform more efficiently, it provides much cleaner cuts resulting in much higher-grade end products for our customers. That’s not all! Because of the fact that it’s a micro-lubricant, much less lubricant is required during the cutting process, there’s virtually no clean up required after a run. Instead of workers spending hours cleaning soaked cutting chips… the cutting chips are now dry. So, they can be easily vacuumed up and recycled for more revenue.

Perfect 2020 Lubricants for a Variety of Metalworking Applications

Manufacturing requires the use of a variety of machines and machining processes. As technology progresses in 2020 and beyond, just about every process requires some type of lubrication to ensure quality parts and prolonged tool life. At MagLube we’ve designed our systems to work efficiently with all types of machines. While our MQL systems and lubricants are used on top CNC machines in all different applications… they also work well with many other types of machines.

These would include but are not limited to:

  • Band Saws
  • Roll Formers
  • Circular Saws
  • Metal Stamping Machines
  • Punch Presses
  • Food Processing Conveyors and Chains

MagLube has a range of machining lubricants that can be used on all these different applications. Many times, the type lubricant needed depends on the material being cut or milled. Whether it’s harder metals, aluminum, plastic, wood or other non-ferrous metals… MagLube has the right lubricant for the right application

As mentioned above, CNC machines used while cutting aluminum products work well with our MagLube LD-300L. It’s the perfectly formulated micro-lubricant for that specific application. However, you can read more about our other lubricants if you have a more specific need.

MagLube lubricants may be just what you’re needing

Not sure if MagLube’s lubricants are right for your manufacturing process? 

We would love to talk! Schedule a call with one of our professionals to discuss what systems and machines you’re currently using. We have MQL packages that may have everything you need to get started. Or we can custom design a system for you which can be retrofitted on any machine you’re using.

We also offer Free Samples of our most popular lubricants to enable you to try our world class lubricants before buying.

Free lubricant sample bottles

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