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One of the most important things a machine operator can do is to make sure their equipment is consistently lubricated. High-quality industrial lubrication will help keep your tools functioning properly and will also aid in keeping equipment clean. Overlooking the use of industrial lubrication can result in damaged equipment, messy workplaces, and sometimes even workplace accidents. Understanding how the right lubricant works with your machines is a sure way to minimize risks on the job.

Many of the lubricants used in an industrial setting are made from either mineral or synthetic oil. At MagLube, our industrial lubrication systems are crafted with biodegradable components making it effective and harmless to you and the environment. It’s important to understand what your lubricants are made of as well as the different affects that they can have on machinery.

Mineral Oil Lubricants

Mineral oil lubricants come from mainly crude oil, where the quality greatly depends on the refining process after the oil has been retrieved. Mineral oil is generally used in engine oils, industrial lubricants, and processing oils, making them perfect to craft our lubricants with. Mineral oil is made up of four molecular properties – paraffin, branched paraffin, naphthene, and aromatic. Higher levels of these properties can result in different reactions when used on machinery, but most mineral oil lubrications are paraffinic, making them exceptional options for your industrial lubrication systems.

Synthetic Oil Lubricants 

When making industrial lubricants made with synthetic oils, man-made fluids are being used compared to those that naturally occur within our planet’s resources. One of the main benefits these lubricants have is that the molecular components within them are exact, allowing their properties to be much more predictable than mineral oil lubricants. Synthetic oils have the same functionality that a paraffinic mineral oil does, but there are some drawbacks as to why they’re not as commonly used. Unlike natural mineral lubricants, synthetic oils are much harsher on the environment as they cost more to make and are both toxic and difficult to dispose of.

When looking for the best lubricant to use on your equipment, look no further than our eco-friendly lubricants created here at MagLube.com. Give us a call at (770) 888-4470 to learn more about all of our industrial lubrication products available to you.