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Lubricating oils are an essential part of machine operation. They keep motors running smoothly and reduce the risk of fires and injuries. The global average of machine lubricant per person is about five kilograms, according to Statista. It’s good to understand how machine lubricants are used and the different types of everyday applications available. Let’s look at some of these applications.

Separate Parts

One of the most important jobs machine lubricant does is to separate the many parts of a machine. Moving parts need to stay separated so that the parts don’t wear down too quickly. When parts rub up against each other, it’s called surface fatigue. This can lead to replacing parts too soon, which is a drain on time and resources.

Reduce Friction

Anytime you have many machine parts moving at once, there is the risk of friction, especially if these parts need to operate closely with one another. Friction can have a lot of negative impacts on machine parts. It can reduce efficiency, increase wear and tear, and even cause fire hazards. Friction causes heat. Any time you have friction-producing heat, you also have the chance to produce sparks. Sparks can catch surfaces on fire. This is especially dangerous if there are any types of flammable materials nearby. Machine lubricants greatly reduce the chances of fire hazards, so keeping machines properly lubricated is essential to machine maintenance.

Transfer Heat

Lubricating oils like those used on machines also can transfer heat. This can be an essential part of machine operation for some types of machines. When lubricants are circulated to and from colder parts of the machine, they are effective at warming and cooling the machine. This is necessary for certain machines that require regulated temperatures.

Clean Machines

Most people consider machine lubricants dirty, but they are necessary to clean machine parts. When machine oil is properly circulated through the parts of the machine, it’s very effective at picking up and removing contaminants and debris.

These are just a few of the uses of machine oil. If you’re in need of industrial or machine lubricant, please contact us at MagLube today. We are here to help you keep your machines running smoothly.