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Band saws have a wide range of applications throughout an even wider range of industries. Commonly used for cutting shapes out of assorted metals and woods, these tools can be found in virtually any woodworking or metal shop.

Of course, like any specialized tool, these saws require a steady amount of maintenance. When looking for ways to keep your band saws running like new, saw blade lubrication should be among your foremost priorities. However, when taking steps to lubricate these blades, you’ll need to heed the following tips.

Look for a Cutting Lubricant

Many companies that produce saw blade lubricant formulate their products with cutting in mind. For example, lubricants used in industrial machinery often differ in texture and function from those used on saw blades. As such, you’ll need to limit your choices to specifically designed saw blade lubricant. Using another type of industrial lubricant is liable to gum up your blades and make cutting materials considerably more difficult.

Don’t Skimp on Coolant

Even within specialized industries, many people use the terms “coolant” and “lubrication” interchangeably. However, these are two very different fluids. While saw blade lubricant will assist in making smooth cuts, coolants mainly help guard against excess heat. So when cooling or lubricating your saw blades, remember that one does not take the place of the other.

Lubricant Can’t Fix Everything

Lubrication is simply one of many maintenance procedures a band saw requires to properly carry out its job. In order for your saws to produce accurate cuts, you’ll also need to tend to the tool’s pumps and chip filters on top of the appropriate saw blade lubricant.

With the proper maintenance, a good band saw can last for decades, if not an entire lifetime. To ensure the most accurate cuts possible, you’ll need to stay on top of lubrication – as well as a short list of other tasks.

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