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Metal Stamping and Punch Press Micro Lubrication Applications

brp press maglubeMagLube industrial lubrication systems are perfect for use on stamping and punching of all materials. The total elimination of water-based coolant is now possible. Lubrication can be applied to the top & bottom of coil fed presses, or nozzles can be mounted in the die for parts loaded manually. Applying MagLube’s high-grade lubricant will help eliminate galling and buildup on the tools, which will extend the tools life tremendously. MagLube’s MQL system requires a designated air line (80-120 psi) and can be activated with an electric signal coming from the cam switch on the press control panel.

Metal stampers now have an organic alternative to the messy conventional stamping fluids. MagLube is formulated with no hazardous chemicals of any kind. When used with the MagLube applicators, stamping applications have reduced their fluid usage from gallons per shift to a few ounces of MagLube lubricant, maintaining consistent part quality. Contact MagLube today to find out how we can assist your needs.

Custom MagLube Metal Stamping Lubricant Systems

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