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Keep Your Tools Running Smoothly with MagLube Band Saw Lubricant

Band saws are an important tool which can be used to cut metal in a variety of different ways. These convenient pieces of equipment are common sights in manufacturing facilities, shop classes, and private workshops. As a high-powered saw, a band saw should be operated with the utmost caution and will need high quality band saw lubricant to keep them running smoothly. Whether you’ve been using them for years or have only recently began working with them, the following tops can help you stay safe while operating a band saw.

1. Stay on Top of Maintenance

If a band saw isn’t properly maintained, both your personal safety and the quality of your work will be put at risk. To ensure that the saw remains well-oiled, invest in a dependable band saw lubricant from MagLube today! Cleaning the band saw after every use will help prevent dust and debris from building up and finding its way inside the gears of your equipment. Even if your saw blade is resilient, it’s not going to last forever, so make sure you lubricate with a specialized band saw lubricant and replace dull blades as soon as possible.

2. Be Aware of Where Your Hands Are

When operating a band saw, keep your hands well out of the line of cut. This means never pushing metal directly into a blade or having your hands anywhere near the blade while the tool is in use. With this in mind, anchor your hands firmly on the workbench or table, and push the metal using only your fingers. By keeping your hands out of the way, a serious workplace accident can be avoided, ensuring your safety and that work can resume as usual.

No workshop, be it private or industrial, is complete without a reliable band saw in its equipment arsenal. Although band saw accidents are fairly easy to avoid with safety precautions and high quality band saw lubricant, there is no excuse to let your guard down when operating one. The next time you find yourself working with a band saw, make sure the pointers discussed above are fresh in your mind.

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