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Operate Machinery Safely with MagLube’s Aluminum Lubricant

Although every profession poses various levels of safety hazards, few of them require workers to operate the heavy-duty machinery found in most metal shops and manufacturing facilities. Whether you’re a seasoned metalworker or have only recently entered the profession, there are a number of rules you’ll need to adhere to for the sake of your personal safety, such as using a high quality aluminum lubricant on the machinery. Regardless of how much experience you have in the field of metalworking, the following tips are sure to serve you well.

1. Avoid Using Machinery You’re Unfamiliar With

When you use machinery that you have no prior experience with, you’re liable to end up with some serious injuries. Though some feel that acknowledging lack of experience is embarrassing in a workplace full of professionals, but altering your team members that you’re new at operating certain machinery can benefit both you and your team. If you’re ever put in a position that requires you to use equipment you’re not familiar with, request the assistance of a more experienced coworker to avoid potential harm.

2. Keep the Machinery Well-Maintained with Aluminum Lubricant

Machinery that isn’t properly maintained poses a number of risks to metalworkers and stands to compromise the quality of their work. With this in mind, keep your tools well-oiled with a high-quality aluminum lubricant system and make sure to have them cleaned and inspected on a regular basis. An aluminum lubricant from our manufacturers at MagLube will not only effectively lubricate your machinery, but their eco-friendly composition will provide a safer use overall.

3. Clean Up Spills Immediately

Oil spills are common in most metal shops, and it’s in everyone’s best interest that they are cleaned up immediately! Not only do oil spills create general slipping hazards, but spills around dangerous machinery can result in a disastrous accident when workers slip while on the job. Be sure to take care and clean up any tools or cylinders that find their way onto the floor ASAP.

If the proper precautions aren’t taken, metalworking can be a perilous profession. Fortunately, by asking for assistance, investing in a high quality aluminum lubricant, and cleaning up any messes, metalworkers can avoid accidents and help ensure their personal safety. For more information on our products, shop our line of lubricants today at MagLube.com.