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Keeping industrial machinery up and running is no easy task. This is particularly true in the case of band saws. Not only do these heavy-duty tools need to be consistently cleaned and inspected for signs of wear, their blades need to be tended to on a regular basis. In many respects, the blade is the most important part of the band saw — and if it isn’t properly cared for through lubrication misting systems, the tool won’t be able to produce accurate cuts. To ensure the best possible performance out of a band saw blade, heed the following tips.

Consistent Lubrication

The regularity with which a band saw blade requires lubrication is dependent upon how often the saw is used. For example, a blade that’s used on a daily basis will need to be lubricated more often than a blade that’s only used once in a great while. Efficient lubrication and misting systems tend to work best for this task, particularly in industrial settings. These misting systems help streamline the lubrication process, effectively providing operators with more time to focus on more pressing matters.

Consistent Sharpening

For a band saw’s blades to remain at their most potent, they’ll need to be sharpened on a consistent basis. This task is best performed with a resilient sharpening stone, and in addition to sharpening both sides of the saw blade, you’ll also need to sharpen the bottom of the gullet.

Semi-Regular Replacement

No blade lasts forever, and band saw blades are no exception to this rule. Even if the utmost care is taken, a band saw blade will periodically need to be replaced. In fact, it’s hardly uncommon for industrial band saws to receive replacement blades every few months. Continuing to use a blade that’s well past its prime can result in dull, uneven cuts and potentially compromise your personal safety.

Band saws are used to cut a wide range of materials throughout a wide range of industries. However, without a well-cared for blade, a band saw is essentially useless. In the quest to keep your band saw blade in prime condition, remember the importance of consistent lubrication with misting systems, sharpening, and semi-regular replacement.

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