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According to Advanced Technology Services, failure to lubricate properly results in 43% of mechanical failures, 54% of bearing failures, 50% of roller bearing damage, and 70% of equipment failures. Statistics like these serve to highlight the importance of metalworking lubrication systems and fluids, and encourage manufacturers to invest in the proper industrial lubricants. This article explores the importance of industrial lubrication systems.

Reduces Friction

Industrial lubrication systems involve the use of base oil, which could either be mineral, synthetic, or vegetable oil. The base oil is incorporated into various industrial lubricants, such as fluids, greases, and oils. One of the most important applications of industrial lubrication systems is to reduce friction. For instance, were you to attempt to move a heavy object, it would be quite difficult or impossible if the surface was rough. The application of lubricant reduces surface friction so that less energy is required to move a heavy load.

Prevents Overheating

Industrial lubrication systems also exist to manage operating temperatures. Without adequate lubrication, machine parts would generate large amounts of heat, and this could affect the manufacturing processes while also increasing the risk of machine failure and breakdown. When machine parts are well-lubricated, you don’t have to worry about heat dissipation. Sometimes machine parts that grind against each other can produce so much heat the environment can become unsafe. Fortunately, this can be avoided by using a specialized lubricant suitable for the industrial environment.

Extends the Life of Machine Parts

Industrial lubricants can aid greatly by reducing the wear and tear on machine parts. The basic principle behind lubrication is to create a slippery enough surface that facilitates the smooth movement of machine parts. Without lubrication, you might find your machine parts grinding to a halt frequently, which disrupts operations and leads to financial losses. Lubrication is an essential investment if you want equipment with moving parts to keep functioning properly. The lubricant also ensures that all moving parts of your equipment can function without encountering too much friction. This goes a long way towards reducing the wear and tear on machine parts. In addition, it can save you a lot of money since the machine parts will require less maintenance and replacement.

Metalworking lubrication systems and fluids have a wide range of applications in various industries, like engineering, manufacturing, automation, and more. The bottom line is that industrial lubrication systems are essential. Get in touch with us today here at Manufactures Alliance Group Inc if you believe your machine parts could benefit from quality metalworking lubrication systems and fluid.