MQL System Specs.

Standard Applicators: All industrial lubrication systems require a designated airline to operate the MQL system (80-120 psi recommended) 1-8 Nozzles.

Activation Options:

  • Air only
  • Slide valve (attached to system)
  • Remote magnet / mountable toggle switch
  • Solenoid(s) (110VAC, 240VAC, 24VDC)
  • Air signal pilot valve(s)
  • Pneumatic or electric limit switch activation
  • Programmable PLC

Nozzles Options:

  • Magnet / mountable flexible loc-line (4-18” length)
  • 1/4” x 12” bendable copper / stainless with brass tip
  • Wide angle fan spray nozzles (30°, 60°, 80° or 120°)
  • Universal bandsaw nozzle in two different lengths
  • 2 port circular saw nozzle (for blades 24” and under)
  • 3 port circular saw nozzle (for blades over 24”)
  • 3 or 4 port halo nozzle retrofitted to spindle
  • Custom designed nozzles for any application

Hose Length: 8 – 60 feet

Reservoir Size: Available with screen filters and low level switches

  • 10 ounce plastic
  • Quart aluminum/acrylic with screen filter
  • 1/2 gallon aluminum/acrylic with screen filter
  • 1 gallon aluminum/acrylic with screen filter
  • 1 gallon steel tank
  • 2 gallon steel tank
  • 5 gallon steel tank

Custom Applicators: Some applications require a different approach and may need a special type of MQL system. Since we manufacture our spray mist systems in house, we can manipulate them to fit your needs. Our applicators can lubricate as many points as necessary and at various times. Our injector pumps can be set to work independently of each other, to minimize your lubricant consumption and maximize your efficiency.


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