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CNC routers are commonly used for designing and manufacturing products. The ability to cut, drill or mill aluminum, metal & plastic components with precision is why CNC routers are widely used by manufacturers worldwide.

These CNC machines require lubrication systems during the machining process, which keeps the tool and workpiece cool.

Common CNC Router Lubrication Methods

The 2 primary methods are flood cooling and micro-lubrication. The most common, but least effective method is flood cooling. This method floods the tool and workpiece using gallons of toxic chemicals mixed with water. It’s very messy and requires extensive cleanup of tools, work areas and soaked cutting chips.

The 2nd method, which is more cost effective and produces higher quality results is known as Micro-Lubrication… or minimum quantity lubrication.

cnc router lubrication system

CNC Manufacturers Trust MagLube MQL Systems on Their CNC Machines

Premium quality CNC router manufacturers are integrating MagLube’s MQL systems into their machine builds. CAMaster and Laguna Tools both use MagLube’s 21st century micro-lubrication as their preferred lubrication system.

MagLube offers a micro-lubrication system for CNC routers that substantially reduces the amount of lubricant needed when compared to the less efficient flood cooling method. When we say substantially… that is not an understatement. Operators using our systems can expect to use ONLY 2 – 4 oz. of lubricant during an 8-hour shift… compared to gallons of toxic coolants needed if flood cooling.

MagLube micro-lubricants perform efficiently on these CNC routers mentioned above. But our MQL systems work just as well for other precision machining companies that provide services such as metal stamping, CNC milling, roll forming and virtually any metalworking applications needing lubrication.

Additional Advantages of Using MQL Systems on These Machines

MagLube is working with Camaster to bring the best out of CNC Routers

The ability to save on lubricants alone is important. But several other advantages make converting to MagLube a no brainer.

Because of the properties of our organic – biodegradable lubricants, you’ll experience superior surface finishes. Our systems and lubricants substantially reduce the friction during machining. By reducing the friction, we eliminate the heat caused during the process. This produces higher quality finished components.

Another advantage of using MagLube MQL is time savings. Time is money and unlike the extensive cleanup needed when flood cooling, MagLube’s systems require virtually no post-production cleanup, plus the cutting chips produced are dry, making it quick and easy to simply vacuum up and then recycle for even more revenue.

Specifics of Using MagLube’s Systems for Micro-Lubrication

  • The MagLube system requires a designated air-line (80-120 psi) and can be activated by the operator with a manual slide valve or automatically with a 24V or 120V signal.
  • When using the MagLube system, operators can expect to use between 2-4 ounces of lubricant in an 8-hour shift of production machining and will experience superior surface finishes on machined parts.
  • Each system sold carries a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on all components.
  • A toggle switch is installed on the right side of the applicator to shut off the pump and allow only air out of the nozzle for materials not requiring a lubricant.
  • The LD-300L lubricant is a low viscosity lubricant designed for aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. It has excellent lubrication properties is non-toxic & biodegradable. The LD-300L is non-staining, has a low burn off temperature and evaporates like an alcohol.
  • As opposed to traditional “coolant systems” the MagLube system is a cleaner, safer, more efficient and cost-effective way of lubricating your cutting tools.

MagLube’s One-Year Warranty on All MQL System Components

As mentioned in the points above, each system sold carries a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on all components and used in conjunction with our LD-300L lubricant, your CNC router will be producing the highest quality products you’ve ever produced.

Contact us today to discuss your machines and how we can help improve your processes. Don’t forget… our MagLube MQL systems also work perfectly on CNC milling, metal stamping, band saws, roll formers and any other machine needing lubrication. 

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