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What is a MQL System and How Does It Benefit the Machining Industry?

“Minimum Quantity Lubrication”, or MQL, is an alternative lubrication system to the traditional metalworking fluids utilized in machining outfits. Often called “Minimal Quantity Lubrication”, “Near-Dry Machining”, or “Micro-Lubrication”, this process can be difficult to grasp if you’re used to the MWFs that many metalworking machines come pre-equipped with. Though the concept is different, a MQL system has a variety of benefits to those in the machining and metalworking industries.

Though the use of coolants as MWFs is extremely easy, the coolant needs to be run through other equipment to recirculate, filter, test, and treat it in order to avoid bacterial contamination when used. This not only runs the risk of affecting your workers’ health, but it also drastically increases costs. It’s due to these negative effects that a MQL system really shines in comparison.

For a system that saves businesses money and eliminates the mess, disposal process, and other negative impacts of coolant, it’s not as widely utilized as one would think. Though it has gained more use in recent years, there are still many machining outfits that haven’t grasped the immense benefits a MQL system brings their manufacturing company.

Rather than using coolant, a MQL system will utilize a lubricant instead in as little quantities as possible, hence the name. Since a MQL applicator will only use around 8 ounces of lubrication within a regular 8 hour shift, the immense cost savings a MQL system provides is incredibly obvious. Not only that, but this system also reduces the mess created with transferring coolants from one machine to the other. The minimum quantity lubrication method also does its best to utilize the exact amount of lubrication needed for each application, rather than the “one-size-fits-all” method of MWFs.

When you take the time to fully understand the functionality and benefits of a MQL system, you’ll be working towards reducing the cost your manufacturing takes. You’ll also be providing your employees with a more precise and less hazardous method of lubricating their machines to keep production at an all-time high. For a variety of eco-friendly lubricants that are perfect for MQL machining, shop our line of products at MagLube.com.