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Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

How’s the MagLube system working for you?

It is working great! I love it. Thanks.

Here is a 2 minute video of it working:

Jeff Sutherland
Quad Tools

I have to say that I really love the MagLube system. In my former career I was a hocut guy and swore by that coolant, it never really smelled and it was easy to mix. However, I don’t have to worry about any of that anymore. I have been cutting plastic, aluminum, steel, and hardened steel. I have had awesome results on everything, even cutting through millscale and rust

Dan Seman
PHS Career & Technical Education

This MagLube system has been very helpful and reliable so far. I have been happy with the smooth operation and control ability of it!

Levi Roy
Winford Engineering


“I wanted to touch base with you and let you know what our test of MagLube has given us. Switching to MagLube has been a Huge Benefit for our entire Fabrication Team.

MagLube has Perfect Lubricating qualities that result in mirror like cutting edges, Perfect !! Because the Product evaporates, it leaves no residue to cleanup. This saves us a complete step in our manufacturing process.

Another added benefit is the environmental effects. With our previous products it caused our machine operators to cough and have difficulty breathing when coming in contact with the mist.

With MagLube this issue has Completely Vanished…. That Single Benefit is well worth the switch to MagLube. Did I mention the actual Cost? MagLube is much less expensive compared to the former brand of lubricant we used. We are completely satisfied with MagLube… It cured all our CNC lubricating issues.”

Thank you for sending us a sample,

Sincerely , Mike Honeycutt
SAR Wholesale Sign Factory


My name is Todd Glass and I am in charge of the CNC machines at the Phoenix location. We were using some router lubricant that was really oily and left a lot of residue before.

We had MultiCAM out for a service call and they recommended your LD-300L lubricant for cutting aluminum and we have started using that for probably the past year.

It is amazing stuff and works great and we will continue to use it! If you guys come out with anything new for sure let me know and we will be more than happy to try it out!


We recently had a stamping job that called for 175,000 pieces to be blanked out of 304 Stainless steel. We were only able to get 16,000 parts before the punch and the die needed to be sharpened. Then we started using Mag-Lube HD-100 in one of their MQL systems and were able to complete the order with only one additional sharpening. We will definitely be using the HD-100 from now on for all our stamping jobs!

Thanks Jake for all the help, support, and advice.

Bailey Miles
Tooling Manager
Atlantic Tooling & Fab


All 3 of my Marvel 81A saws have your MQL packages installed. My saw operators have told me numerous times about how much they like your product compared to the old lubrication system we were using. We use less lubricant, less applicator downtime, and our blades last longer: “set it and forget it”!

Thomas S.
Tufts Grinding, Inc.


My name is Scott and I own a sign company in Atlanta, Georgia. I was introduced to MagLube about 2 years ago from friend who runs a machine shop. We were previously using a misting system that went through several gallons of cutting fluid per week. It was messy, and clouded up the shop with its over-spray. I was immediately impressed with the MagLube system during the first trial run, but didn’t realize the savings potential until a few weeks later. We now use 1 gallon of lubricant every 6 months, and my cost for replacement bits have decreased by over 50%. I also had a full-time employee whose entire job was to sand the burrs off the edges of aluminum lettering. With this system, the surface finishes are much better and that position is no longer necessary. The long-term savings with this product is tremendous!


I run a steel service center in Dallas, Texas. We switched from flood coolant based cutting to micro-lubrication (MagLube) about 6 years ago. The immediate result was a clean shop, we no longer had to mop and clean the floors on a daily basis. The air no longer smelled of recycled flood coolant. This made the operators happy and gave them a safer environment in which to work. My blade life was extended by 30-40%, and my cutting fluid expense was cut dramatically. The cuts are straighter and clean, and productivity is better due to increased feed rates. I whole-heartedly endorse this product.

Liakos Industrial Sales – Distributor

In my 25 years of selling industrial equipment, I’ve never sold a product that is so revolutionary. MagLube literally changes, for the better, the way manufacturers do lubrication. I like the fact that the lubricants are environmentally friendly. My customers like the fact that the micro-lubrication systems are virtually maintenance free. They also like the fact that usage is cut back to a mere fraction of conventional lubricants, tool life is almost always close to doubling, and the mess associated with most other lubricants and lubrication methods is eliminated.