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Troubleshooting MagLube MQL System

  1. Check Incoming Air Pressure (85-120 psi recommended).
  2. Check to make sure the reservoir is filled with MagLube lubricant.
  3. If there is a toggle switch on the side of the applicator, make sure it is up and in the ON position.
  4. When activated does the pump’s injector pin freely move in and out?
    1. If yes, move to step 5.
    2. If no, call 1-800-441-2023 for replacement pump. (Have MagLube system serial # handy for warranty purposes).
  5. Check to see if pump is primed. Remove oil line from pump’s push lock elbow and manually push the adjustment assembly pin to see if you get a drop each time you press the pin.
    1. If pump is not primed, dial the black adjustment assembly clockwise until it stops (wide open) and continue to manually purge the pump until you get a drop.
  6. Once the pump is primed reattach the oil line and activate system until the oil line is full.
  7. If the pump is primed but will not pump when system is activated, call 1-800-441-2023 for replacement frequency generator or solenoid valve.
  8. For any other questions or replacement parts, call 1-800-441-2023 for technical support.